daylight-saving-coffeeFor many parts of Australia, Daylight Saving or Summer Time takes effect this weekend and many of us will experience sleep disruption while our body clocks adjust.

But if we think we’ve got it hard, spare a thought for astronauts who can experience 12 sunrises and sunsets in one day!

That insight came from a post by Eric Barker, 4 Things Astronauts Can Teach You About A Good Night’s Sleep, and it got me thinking that summertime is the perfect time to use Baristador’s low caffeine coffee blends.

To sleep or not to sleep, that is OUR question?

We have a lot working AGAINST us getting a good night’s sleep in our society.

As Eric reports from various NASA studies and other sleep research, we are:

  • bombarded by light from all our electronic devices that we use right up until bed time
  • seduced to stay up later by media and other offerings which our body is not good at rejecting because we are inclined to work to a 25.4 hour clock, given half a chance
  • terrible at knowing whether sleep has been good, eg, we are not as strict about keeping bedrooms dark and quiet as we should

Add daylight saving to the mix and longer days, our electronic devices and warmer weather luring us to stay up later, and we are in for some shaky sleep patterns over summer.

Summer can be a dangerous time for that after dinner coffee

Given we are so inclined to neglect our sleep, it makes perfect sense to look for some low caffeine coffee alternatives during summer.

The Baristador range includes a Swiss Water Method Decaf and also a similarly double-roasted blend with only 30 percent of the caffeine of standard espresso.

Both of these could be perfect to have on hand for those wayward summer evenings when you want to enjoy a cuppa at night but ALSO want to sleep.

In the words of that famous song from Grease; you’ll have no problem staying up until 10 o’clock on these oh, oh, summer nights.