basil-from-kenyaLate last year, Basil Lengusuranga, pictured, a young man from Kenya, commented on a Baristador Coffee blog.

It was quite a surprise that someone from the nation that I believe grows the best coffee in the world was engaging on my humble website.

It was doubly pleasing because I use Kenyan coffee in my Baristador coffee blends.

Basil agreed to answer a few questions about his attitude toward and use of coffee.

A Kenyan and his coffee

Q: In Australia, many of us who love coffee have a deep respect for Kenya, as one of the nations where African coffee is of the highest order. Are you a coffee drinker?

A: Yes.

Q: What role does coffee take in your life – nothing, just a drink for its caffeine, a drink of great flavour?

A: It plays a very important role in my life since as a student it fights away the dizzyness in me and keeps me active all day.

Q: Do you drink Kenyan coffee? Is it cheap or expensive in Kenya?

A: I drink Kenyan coffee.

Q: Is Kenyan coffee well regarded in Kenya, or do you hold other national producers as ‘the best’?

A: In fact, in Kenya we don’t import coffee from any other country. Ours is regarded best.

Q: Is coffee expensive?

A: The price varies with the quality

Q: Do you know anybody involved in the coffee business – growers, pickers, roasters, retailers, baristas? Do you have a sense of whether they love their roles or are just doing them to survive?

A: I know of the large farmers in Nyeri [who] are now millionaires because of just involving in coffee growing.

Q: Any stories about coffee that you would like to share?

A: Not now but I will share it soon. [I will update this page if/when Basil is able to share more stories – Steve]

Q: How do you make or drink your coffee?

A: We boil hot water, then we put them in cups, add a spoonful of coffee of your choice, stir, add some sugar, and now its ready.

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