About The Devotea

The Devotea’s Specialty Teas are a collection of exclusive tea blends that tell a story or evoke an era.

Created and marketed by husband and wife team Anne Drury-Godden and Robert Godden, the brand is available in across Australia.

Each blend is created by hand in small batches to an exacting recipe.

After selling a tea shop, Anne dubbed Robert “The Devotea” as a pen name for his activities as a tea-mad video blogger, writer and reviewer. You can read Robert’s ramblings on Lord Dvotea’s Tea Spouts.

Before long, the pair were approached to create a range of teas for an on-line store. Unhappy with the way that range was being marketed, Anne and Robert decided to assume control over the range.

Anne (who often goes by the name “Lady Devotea“) and Robert are continuing to bring their teas to a wider audience by selecting tea shops, high tea venues and unique cafés to stock and serve their teas.

Robert Godden
Co-Founder / The Devotea
0490 101 816 (during business hours ACST)

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