Website Design & Development

Original website design was envisioned and produced by Cohen Gum from Poke Something That Bites. He is an Australian-based illustrator and designer extraordinairre and comes highly regarded.

Assistance and technical guidance during transition from Joomla to WordPress was rendered by WordPress Guru, Hector Perez-Nieto of Tremble Studio, Adelaide, South Australia.

I did the lion’s share of recreating the website in WordPress, getting my hands dirty with CSS hacking. Great fun. All work powered by Baristador B70!


The following photographs are featured in the Baristador coffee photo gallery in various crops and edits. Here are the original shots with due credit to the photographers – titles have been created by our Espresso Evangelist!

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the image. Below you will see a list of photographs and the photographers’ name.

[nggallery id=4]

After the great crema robbery – Ivan Freaner, USA, Beans in cup – Robert Owen-Wahl, UK, Cafe peak hour – Jan RogerJohannesen, Norway, Cafe rainbow – Christoph Schnabel, Austria, Coffee in blue – Sergey Lazarev, Ukraine, Crema overload – Gamal Abdalla, France, DANGER: Way too fancy – Flo, Germany, Delicious – Sara, Italy, Desperate measures – Harald Wittmaack, Germany, Hard to refuse – Craig Jewel, Australia, Hundreds of beans in every cup – Malina, Italy, Just beans – Robert Owen-Wahl, UK, Meditation – Christian Kitazume, Germany, Ready for coffee? – Ilker, Turkey, Shades of coffee – Gamal Abdalla, France, Show us the crema – Christian Kitazume, Germany, Someone has been playing in the crema – Narisa Spaulding, USA, The dawning of another cup – Piotr Dorabiala, Poland, The trusty stovetop – Andrzej Gdula, Poland, The writing is on the cup – Gokhan Okur, Cyprus, Extended Coffee Morning adapted as Insiders Blend, Terinea IT Support, UK.