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Here is where you can order your The Devotea teas online.

Choose your blend(s), and away you go.

Remember to experiment with tea from across our range, especially our special, limited time teas.

Our special Group Order process

Unlike other beverage companies, we don’t blend and hold stock.

Instead, what we do is hold Group Blendings every month.

We have a countdown timer on our site so you know how long you have left for getting your order in for the next Group Blend.

When the timer stops, we gather the orders, and blend a specific amount of tea to fill the orders so that you get fresh tea and we produce no wastage.

As an extra benefit, this lack of wastage means we get to keep our costs down, which we pass on to you.

Don’t miss out. Take charge of your tea needs by getting an order in now.

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Our next group blend

By only blending to order, 12 times a year, we can guarantee your tea is fresh and we have no wastage. So, order today, join our next group blending, and get your freshly blended tea 7-10 days after orders close.

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