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A+ High Performance Espresso Amino Acids BlendA+ is espresso coffee, boosted with natural amino acids and made by Bar9 in Adelaide.

Ian Callahan, the man behind Bar9, spent almost two years researching and experimenting to find the most effective blend of coffee and amino acids, finally arriving upon A+.

According to Ian, A+ will enhance your day, give you focus, and help you get more from life.

Steve, from Baristador, has found that his experience with A+ thus far is that drinking these safe, non-addictive amino acids in A+ has coincided with days of focus and “breakthroughs” in resolving longstanding sticking points in projects he was working on.

The amino acids in question are:

  • L-Theanine – calm and relaxed focus, energy, and mental alertness
  • GABA – reduces anxiety and stress, modulates fight and flight response, and regulates sleep patterns
  • Alpha GPC – effective source of choline (a vitamin-like essential nutrient), improved memory memory and muscle contraction

This is not part of our reduced caffeine range so if low caffeine is not your motivation BUT improved performance without sugar and carbs is, then this is worth trying.

Ian keeps a bottle by his bed and awakens to it in the morning, while Steve keeps a bottle in the fridge and sips it in two sessions during his morning fasting.