This glorious tea from The Devotea is one of our special limited edition teas.

FREE SHIPPING: Our tea and coffee both come from super secret, but separate, blending locations.
Spending $50 on tea gets you free tea shipping. It also gives our tea team something to be smug about when talking to the coffee team.
(spending $50 on tea AND $50 on coffee gets you FREE SHIPPING on everything AND a round of applause!)

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Amba is a lovely bend of black tea, rooibos, organic SA cherries, cinnamon and cloves. Not only is it delicious, it only has about 35% of the caffeine of regular black teas.  (because it’s only 35% black tea, if you want to know how we’ve done it!)

Before you ask, it was named after our beautiful cat who passed away one Christmas.

Supplied in a box (when available) or pouch containing 60 grams of loose leaf tea.

To have your tea shipped with our next blending, order by the deadline displayed on the countdown clock all over our site.