LIMITED EDITION: Lightly Aged Rolling Thunder+Mandarin

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Tea, glorious tea from The Devotea will soon be yours.

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Where to start? Firstly start with a hermetically-sealed sack of exquisite 2017 Rolling Thunder Indian Oolong that  fell down the back of our tea cupboard, and we forgot about it for two years we have stored under excellent conditions. Over that time, it has retained both flavour and colour, but mellowed slightly. Then, we nearly fell off a ladder expertly picked lush mandarins from an old tree behind an old house in Kensington Gardens, dried the peel and added it to the tea. In July 2020.

Supplied in a pouch containing 80 grams of loose leaf tea.

FUN TO TRY AT HOME: You can roast this tea, place a tablespoon of it into a dry pan over lowish medium heat and stir for about a minute, then make your tea. 

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