B30 Benchmark Blend Espresso Coffee

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Baristador Coffee

Choose the B30 Benchmark Blend if you want a flavoursome espresso blended in with a generous serve of our Dark Roast Decafe to a 30:70 ratio.

What you experience is a rich, dark roasted espresso that you know is almost all decaf – a nice way to ease yourself towards our full decaf blend.

  • Arabica: 100%
  • Dark Roast Blend: 30%
  • Dark Roast Decaf Blend: 70%
  • Volume: Half Pound (227g)

This is a good style for when you have been drinking our B01 for a while, during breast-feeding for example, and want to ease back to a little less decaf, or for when you are ready to pull back from our powerful B70 blend.

It carries 30 per cent of our dark roast espresso and 70 per cent of our dark roast decaf, making this a sneaky way to ALMOST go full decaf.

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