Fleurs de Provence Black Tea Blend


Tea, glorious tea from The Devotea will soon be yours.

FREE SHIPPING: Our tea and coffee both come from super secret, but separate, blending locations.
Spending $50 on tea gets you free tea shipping. It also gives our tea team something to be smug about when talking to the coffee team.
(spending $50 on tea AND $50 on coffee gets you FREE SHIPPING on everything AND a round of applause!).

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An aromatic and beautiful black tea blend containing sliced vanilla pods, Swiss blue cornflowers and homegrown English lavender. Nice black or with milk and/or sugar.

Few people appreciate the contribution that France has made to tea. In Paris, while the hoi polloi drink overpriced coffee on rickety chairs in the street, people of refinement and elegance are sipping high quality teas in discreet salons.

Here’s your chance to enjoy that feeling. Supplied in box (when available) or pouch containing 80grams of loose leaf tea.

To have your tea shipped with our next blending, order by the deadline displayed on the countdown clock all over our site.