About Us

Baristador Coffee is a coffee service for lovers of fine, espresso coffee beans, who enjoy traditional “double roast” coffee while also maintaining control over their caffeine intake. You’ll find blends with three different levels of caffeine awaiting you inside.​ Baristador is the passion project of Steve Davis and Nardia Symonds. Read more about Baristador Coffee.

On this website, we hope coffee fans and fellow aficionados will have a reliable source of fine beverages.

Of course, in an ideal world, people would only drink coffee, but mine is a welcoming bosom – Steve Davis

Hester M Poole and a history of coffee. Image: Colombia - Coffee Triangle 013 by McKay Savage via Flickr

Ordering is Simple


Choose Your Coffee

Think about the caffeine level you’re interested in.


Choose Your Grind

Choose whether you need whole beans, espresso grind, or plunger grind.


Place Order

Place your order. When the deadline passes, the roasting begins. Then, your coffee is packed and sent. You get it about 7-10 days after the deadline has passed.