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Welcome, friends

We are gathered here because we have a special bond – a love for fine tea and coffee.

And not only that. We are here because we all take pride in how we prepare and serve our favourite drinks.

This site is the home of Baristador Coffee and The Devotea, run by two of the fussiest &&^^%$% in the business. Steve Davis and Robert Godden love their brews as much as they love ribbing each other about which drink is best; coffee or tea?

Browse the range of coffee, browse the range of tea, and then place your order. It will be gathered at the end of each month, roasted and/or blended, and then delivered within approximately 7-10 days. It will be fresh, it will be delicious. Enjoy.

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Next Order Deadline

By only roasting or blending to order, 12 times a year, we can guarantee your coffee and tea is fresh – with no wastage. So, order today, join our next group order and get your freshly roasted coffee or freshly blended tea within 7-10 days after orders close.

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Steve Davis Baristador Coffee Founder and Espresso Evangelist


Baristador Coffee is a coffee service for lovers of fine, espresso coffee beans, who enjoy traditional “double roast” coffee while also maintaining control over their caffeine intake. You’ll find blends with three different levels of caffeine awaiting you inside.

Baristador is the passion project of Steve Davis and he’s decided to welcome The Devotea couple to hawk their wares here in the hope that these impoverished purveyors of leaves will be able to rustle up some coin and buy Robert some shoes!

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Steve Davis Baristador Coffee Founder and Espresso Evangelist


The Devotea’s Specialty Teas are a collection of exclusive tea blends that tell a story or evoke an era. The unique tea blends are created and marketed by husband and wife team Anne Drury-Godden and Robert Godden.

At the Devotea, we’ve chosen to pair with Baristador Coffee so we can offer those poor souls who drink just coffee the chance to try the world’s most popular beverage. Obviously it would be a shame if that means the team from Baristador watches their sales dwindle and ends up living on the street, but that’s the way the Earl Grey-infused biscuit crumbles.

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I love the flavour. It’s also really handy to have the different grades of decaf to choose from.

Ros Boundy
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Tea from a master blender each offering has its own special flavor profile and are sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Jo Johnson
Testimonial The Devotea Tea 1 - Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

The best coffee enema I’ve had in years. Fabulous. Really opened up the sluices.

Lee Hopkins
Testimonial Baristador Coffee 2 - Photo by Sahand Hoseini on Unsplash