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Only 6 times a year

We only do six coffee roasts per year to keep your coffee fresh and costs down through no wastage. Order now and join our next roasting.








Benchmark B70 Coffee Blend

Benchmark B70

This blend comes with buzz and you don’t even realise the foot is just a little off the accelerator. It’s a win win. You love it. Your body loves it. Rev on! You know you want to.

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Benchmark B30 Coffee Blend

Benchmark B30

This blend strikes the perfect balance with just enough caffeine to do what it must do but not enough to wreak havoc. We could almost rename this one the great diplomat!

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Benchmark B01 Coffee Blend

Benchmark B01

This is as close as we get to a decaf without using ghastly chemical processing. Our Swiss Water Method decaffeinated beans are double roasted and will delight ALL palates!

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