brett-montenThere comes a time in the history of every company or venture when a certain peak is reached.

For Baristador Coffee, that time is now as singer/songwriter Brett Monten (pictured) officially releases the Baristador Coffee Theme Song or jingle, I adore, Baristador.

I want to create a TV commercial using this song and I have a few ideas racing in my head but before I commit to anything I wanted to ask you, my supportive Baristadorians, if you have any ideas or visions.

The Baristador Coffee TVC

For us to be able to make a TV commercial destined for YouTube, we will need:

  • A simple idea for the ad that grabs attention, works in harmony with the song, and will be visually memorable
  • Preferably no spoken word
  • A location that is visually appealing and cost effective for my Adelaide team to get to (could still be anywhere in Australia)
  • Some people happy to volunteer their ideas and efforts to make it happen and have a lot of fun along the way

Take a listen and let me know any thoughts you’d like to share via the comments section below or by [email protected].