coffee-pods-baristador Photo Rachel HodsonA dynamic businesswoman in Adelaide who loves her coffee, Rachel Hodson, has shared her tips on how to reuse your coffee pod machines so you can enjoy Baristador Coffee with the ease of your pod maker.

What follows are her tips and instructions.

The Rachel Hodson pod coffee making guide

I was recently given a coffee machine which uses coffee pods. The pods are filled with pure Arabica coffee bean grounds, and I love it!

It’s so easy to make good coffee. Even my 4 year old makes me fabulous coffees!

However, there are a few downfalls of owning such a machine.

  • It only takes its own brand-designed capsules,
  • My machine’s capsules are only available at Woolworths
  •  There are limited brands in the range, and limited coffee flavours.
  • 10-16 pods per box

I love mixing it up with my coffee, so this would just not do. After googling my little heart out I discovered that I can re-use my used pods! So now I am not stuck with what the supermarket tells me to buy… I can finally indulge in delicious Baristador coffees at the drop of a pod!

How to make pod coffee with Baristador

pod-coffee-aparatus Photo Rachel HodsonTo make Baristador pods, you will need:

  • Used coffee pods (washed and dried)
  • Knife (to peel the lids off used pods)
  • Scoop and favourite Baristador coffee grinds
  • Aluminium foil (for new lid)

Step One

coffee-pod-interior Photo Rachel HodsonPeel off the pod lid. Inside the pod you will find two plastic filters, and used coffee grinds.

Empty out the grinds and clean the pod and the two filters.

Step Two

Place the smallest plastic filter into pod then fill with a scoop of your favourite coffee grinds.

baby-formula-coffee-tamp Photo Rachel HodsonHINT: A scoop from baby’s formula tin is the perfect size to fill the pods, and also acts as a mini tamp- plus it fits perfectly inside the re-sealable Baristador Coffee bag ready for next time.

Place larger filter into pod and cover pod with foil (pre cut foil so not too bulky).

Make sure it’s wrapped firmly.

Keep them in an airtight container.

Step Three

baristador-coffee-pod Photo Rachel HodsonYou are now ready to pop your Baristador pod into your coffee machine and enjoy a delicious coffee, every time!

Experiment with your favourite coffee flavours, try adding a touch of vanilla extract, caramel, nutella, or cream.

My favourite: Vanilla Vienna (with whipped cream on top).

Share your favourite flavor at or in the comments below.