Australia is all agog with marriage euphoria and I can report that love wins with coffee in Adelaide after one amazing couple chose Baristador as their bomboniere.

Shara-Louise and Tony Trembath-Drake got married in October and are settling into life knowing they have “espressed” themselves through some delicious beans.

Tony back up his vehicle and collected the beans which the couple then presented in some delightful packages to their guests.

Love wins with coffee every time

While Australia was busy voting in the marriage equality survey, Shara-Louise and Tony were producing their own labels for the wedding reception gifts.

The label talks about finding “the perfect blend” and we are sure they are just that.

Love wins with coffee and this label

And there will be many more exotic blends to follow, now that Australia has voted for marriage equality, so who knows what occasions Baristador might need to play a role in to celebrate love?

The coffee blend chosen for the big day was the Baristador B70 Benchmark Blend.

Love is love is love

Although this public thank you is belated, it is heartfelt.

Thank you, Tony and Shara-Louise. We hope your life has a double shot of love and is poured long, to savour over many years to come!

Thanks to the Trembath-Drakes, we can say that love wins with coffee in Adelaide!

Oh, and PS, Adelaide has just stolen the Golden Bean Award for best coffee in Australia, so maybe we can also say coffee wins with love in Adelaide 🙂