B01 – 99% less caffeine blend

Baristador Coffee B01 – 99% less caffeine blendChoose the B01 Benchmark Blend if you want all the body and flavour of a full espresso blend BUT you don’t want the caffeine.

  • Arabica: 100%
  • Caffeine: 01%
  • Fairtrade: 00%
  • Roast: Double
  • Volume: Half Pound (227g)

This is a good style during breast-feeding or for when your naturopath has asked you to cut out caffeine.

As a Swiss Water Method coffee, the caffeine has been removed naturally, which does tend to leave a negligible trace.

There are decaf coffees on the market that use chemical methods (similar to dry cleaning chemicals). They can remove 100% of the caffeine but at a shocking price regarding flavour and food purity.

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