B30 – 70% less caffeine blend

Baristador Coffee B30 – 70% less caffeine blend Choose the B30 Benchmark Blend if you want all the body and flavour of a full espresso blend AND you also want to reduce your caffeine intake moderately.

  • Arabica: 100%
  • Caffeine: 30%
  • Fairtrade: 30%
  • Roast: Double
  • Volume: Half Pound (227g)

This is a good style for when you have been drinking our B01 for a while, during breast-feeding for example, and want to ease back to a slightly higher caffeine intake, or for when you are ready to progress down from the B70 to really start cutting the caffeine apron strings.

It carries 30 per cent of the normal dose of caffeine in an espresso blend (in other words, 70 per cent less than usual).

In fact, all you experience is rich, gutsy espresso.

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And now you can choose your grind from the options below:

B30 Whole Beans

B30 Plunger Grind

B30 Espresso Grind

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