B99 – full caffeine blend

Baristador Coffee B99 – 1% less caffeine blend You are not really meant to buy this one because it goes against the founding philosophy of Baristador which is to put flavour first and caffeine second but what can I say, every now and then …

  • Arabica: 100%
  • Caffeine: 100%
  • Fairtrade: 100%
  • Roast: Double
  • Volume: Half Pound (227g)

The B99 Benchmark Blend is the full strength, unthrottled blend when it comes to caffeine content. It has been blended for those who feel immortal!

Here’s a challenge: If you think the reduced caffeine blends are not for you, buy one bag of B99 and one of B70 and do a blind taste test.

Believe me, you’ll end up drinking B70 and enjoying the best of both worlds before no time!

And now you can choose your grind from the options below:


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