For naturopaths

Dear Naturopath

How do your clients react when you first tell them they need to cut their caffeine intake?

Do you get looks of horror? Looks of disbelief? Or glazed looks, betraying intentions to ignore your advice as soon as they leave your sight?

When my naturopath broke the news to me, I think I went through all of these states, and probably a few more! This is because the thought of drinking decaf coffee for the rest of my life was nauseating.

But I now believe it was the best day of my life!

On that day, back in 2005, I changed direction with the espresso blend I had been perfecting since 1998, and decided to create an aficionado’s range of full flavour coffees with various reduced levels of caffeine – from 99 per cent down to 1.

Four years later and you now have an organic coffee range to help your clients reduce or eradicate caffeine from their diet, WITHOUT sacrificing flavour!

Even if you take a zero tolerance approach to caffeine, I urge you to consider allowing your dyed-in-the-wool espresso fanatics to wean themselves away from caffeine by travelling along my product pathway because I have walked in their shoes and I know this pathway will be more sustainable than going cold turkey!

I would love you to join my mission to wean people away from cheap beans and instant coffees, borne of pesticides and social injustice, and move them towards a higher appreciation for boutique blends that are organically produced and traded fairly. The best way to appreciate this mission is to sample my three key products:

  • The Benchmark Blend B70 (30 per cent less caffeine than standard espresso blends)
  • The Benchmark Blend B30 (70 per cent less caffeine)
  • The Benchmark Blend B01 (my organic, Swiss Water Method-processed, “decaf” blend, which has as close to no caffeine as I can claim)

If these products “fit” within your practice, I would be thrilled to discuss how we might make it easy for your clients to switch across to Baristador Coffee via the coffee order form on this site or via a small holding of coffee at your practice. The range retails for $14.50 per pack with three “grinds” available – espresso, plunger, and whole beans.

I look forward to answering your questions, and then working with you to help coffee lovers loose the chains of their caffeine addiction and habit.

Yours in the Spirit of Espresso

Steve Davis
Founder / Espresso Evangelist
[email protected]