Handpresso - a nice parter with Baristador for making espresso on the go

It has taken a long search but a tip off has led to the discovery of a lifetime for a coffee lover – the Handpresso.

If you are reading this on the Baristador Coffee website, you are someone who knows how hard it is to find decent espresso in Australia when you are away from your home or a chosen few cafes that care about the bean, and that’s what I like about the Handpresso, it puts the power back into your hand to craft an espresso when you are in a coffee wilderness.

This gadget looks like a modified bike pump. You use the pump to store the 16 bar pump pressure for your espresso shot. Given the limitations of the manually-powered device, it produces a remarkably satisfactory shot that is streets ahead of the various concoctions that get served up in the name of espresso.

Here is my video on how to use the Handpresso, featuring Baristador Fairtrade Espresso Blend, of course:


Now it is back to sip one more hand-pressed espresso before bed time (will use the B30 Benchmark Blend this time – I do like to travel with variety!

PS I shot this with my very cheap Jazz USB video camera so don’t expect Hollywood quality shots, only good coffee shots!

Yours in the spirit of espresso

Steve Davis
Founder / Espresso Evangelist
[email protected]