Baristador Coffee Pods? (Image: Nathalielaure via Flickr)There is nothing like a burst of coffee making for friends that makes you pine for an automated process.

However, I am yet to find an automatic coffee machine that can actually GRIND coffee fine enough for proper, rich espresso, and then deliver the right dose for a potent cup of delight.

So awash in coffee grounds this holiday season, I was quite taken by the fact that my brother-in-law and his wife had researched and bought a pod coffee maker.

Why did this surprise me?

There are a few reasons and they say to me that the time is right to explore pod coffee now.

[UPDATE, January 2013: The exploration happened but decision was made AGAINST creating Baristador pods at this time]

Normal people

Greg and Nic are what I call ‘normal’ people.

They like their coffee but are not coffee nuts. If they were stranded with only instant coffee in the house, they would drink it.

But to hear that they scoured shops and then the internet to source a coffee machine that could take coffee pods or capsules – that is a sign of a new consciousness about coffee out there in the great, Australian homeland.

Lo and behold, Current magazine announced that coffee pod machines, led by Nespresso, dominated appliance sales this year in Australia and the so-called portioned coffee market category “almost doubled in unit sales and average sales price” in 2011.

Having played with my in-laws’ De Longhi machine, enjoying a nice shot of coffee with good crema and body and NO MESS to clean up, I have become quite open to the idea of providing Baristador Coffee in these measured and sealed capsules.

My resolution

My New Year’s Resolution on behalf of my fellow Baristadorians is to arrange for a trial run of Baristador coffee in pods and even see if I can source a good pod coffee maker for sale.

My question to you is: are you interested? What Baristador blend would you like to see in pods? And do you have a pod/capsule coffee yet?

Please share your comments below or by emailing me.

If you are interested in partaking in the trial batch, let me know as well.

Happy New Year!

Yours in the spirit of espresso