Drink Mine Black

This is likely to be considered one of the strangest articles on the Baristador Coffee website because I am not even sure it should go up.

A short time ago, my espresso machine packed up and I resorted to my stovetop espresso maker.

There is nothing too wrong with that state of affairs except that it meant I had a long black in front of me instead of my usual short black.

For some strange reason, at that moment I channelled the late, great Johnny Cash and his song, Man In Black.

Coffee poured, words poured, and I shared some lyrics that day with a photo of my long black.

Well, as luck would (or wouldn’t) have it, during a karaoke session last night, I was secretly recorded mucking around with those lyrics and since the damage has now been done I have decided to share the opening verses.

NOTE: The soundtrack that follows is flat, out of key and sorely lacking artistic value. I hope it drives you to drink (coffee) and that you choose Baristador 🙂

NOTE: No offence intended toward latte drinkers.

If you are still here, here are the lyrics by Steve Davis, modelled on Man In Black but fashioned into Drink Mine Black:

Well you wonder why I always drink mine black,
why sweetener and milk my coffee lacks,
and why my tasting face seems to have a sombre tone,
the aroma is my focus ‘fore it’s gone.

I drink the black for the instant and the drip,
and people suffering bad with every sip,
and I drink it for the latte lovers and the taste they lack,
until this changes, I’ll be drinking black

Thanks Johnny Cash!

Yours in the spirit of espresso