Group Roasting of coffee for Australians

Group Roasting means no waste (Image Michael Allen Smith via Flickr)

Baristador Coffee is the first coffee bean retailer to offer group roasting to Australian espresso lovers.

The new model involves staging a set number of roasting days per year and group processing specific orders at that time so that you have enough coffee to last until the next roasting day.

The concept came about because I detest two things in the coffee industry; waste and stale coffee.

In the past, we’ve wasted some coffee because we are sticklers for freshness, whereas the larger commercial coffee brands just place longer best before dates on their products and sell staler coffee to the market.

Neither approach is perfect, so that’s why we’re embracing a hybrid of two healthy consumer trends known as Presumers and Custowners, where consumers are involved more intimately in our business and are really in charge of our operational decisions.

How Group Roasting works

You will have seen the countdown clock on our homepage, counting down to the deadline for the next group roasting. All orders are held until that deadline and then processed together, saving money and coffee.

We have scheduled six roasting dates this year, in the first weeks of February, April, June, August, October and December.

This means you only need to order enough coffee for eight weeks at a time, which is very close to our typical ordering cycle of Baristadorians.

If this new system works for you, then you’ll benefit in the hip pocket due to the new model allowing for zero waste and no holding stock. Prices have already been lowered.

It’s the classic win-win-win – Baristador has less waste and overhead, consumers save money, and the environment is spared unnecessary landfill.

The journey begins on the Baristador Coffee ordering page.