Flight Attendants and bad attitude

Hello? Hello? Please stop ignoring flight attendants!

An alarming article about the way Australian air travellers treat flight attendants has disturbed me for two reasons:

  1. I fly regularly and appreciate everything flight attendants do within their company’s restrictions in making flights as safe and bearable as possible, many show the passion and attention to detail that I admire in truly great baristas
  2. Some Baristadorians are flight attendants who choose our low caffeine coffee blends so they can enjoy and espresso without disturbing their vital sleep patterns

In the article, The reality of life as a hostie, drawn to my attention by Kelly from Glam Adelaide, an anonymous flight attendant ‘spills the beans’ on what life is like for them at 38,000 feet.

If you’re a regular Baristadorian, you will hopefully feel cared for and respected by me and my roasting team. I also appreciate the care, respect and loyalty I get back from you. This is the ultimate, virtuous circle of customer service.

That is why I always bristle when I hear of people in a customer service role being treated inhumanely.

Here are just a couple of appalling examples.

The mile high club of rudeness

I almost choked on my coffee while reading some of the example of bad behaviour by passengers on planes in Australia, such as:

  • Having someone sitting in an overwing exit seat roll their eyes and leave their headphones in while the flight attendant tries to take 30 seconds of their time to run through the safety instructions and responsibilities for sitting is such an important part of the plane (simply rude)
  • Having someone reach out and stuff rubbish in the pockets of a passing flight attendant and then have the gall to ask the attendant to turn around so they can fill their other pocket (this is hideous behaviour).

If you are reading this, please share your appreciation of flight attendants in the comments below or just when you are in the air.

The most telling part of the story, and why it riled me so much, was the abundant lack of human decency shared by the writer in saying many people give no eye contact or care for attendants as they file on the plane.

For crying out loud, don’t people realise that when things go wrong in the air, your life will depend on the presence of mind of your pilots and attendants?

On behalf of Baristadorians, I would like to offer a small thank you pack of coffee to the first flight attendant from each Australian airline who emails me before the close off of our next group roasting which is this Sunday at noon.

We run Baristador on extremely slim margins, but I will be happy to personally shout an attendant a twin pack of our coffee, either 70% caffeine, 30% caffeine or our decaf, just to signal how much I personally appreciate their work when my life (and my family’s peace of mind) is in their hands numerous times each year.

Now, if only the airlines could spring for better coffee in flight, I’d even partake in coffee in the air … but that’s another story 🙂