Baristador Coffee not in talks with Benckiser

Steve Davis, enjoying a cup of Baristador Coffee in Port Lincoln Marina, South Australia – no plans to sell brand to a multinational

Adelaide-based, Baristador Coffee, can reveal today that we are not in talks, formal or informal, with a multi-national company that is buying coffee brands and operations worldwide.

German-based conglomerate, Joh. A. Benckiser, has hit headlines recently by buying coffee brands around the world to reportedly prepare itself to exploit high growth rates in Asian markets.

A New York Times article reports Benckiser has bought the company behind Douwe Egmerts for 7.5 billion Euro, following previous purchases of Peet’s Coffee And Tea and Caribou Coffee in the USA for 1.3 billion US dollars.

The Baristador Coffee brand stands for ‘service’ and ‘passion’

Baristador Coffee is a small service for coffee aficionados in Australia and has no plans to accept offers from larger companies looking to acquire valuable, trusted brands.

To this date, Baristador Coffee has even maintained its position of not selling its benchmark blends to cafes, despite numerous enquiries.

Coffee needs to be prepared correctly and with care every time and too many cafes in Australia still take a laissez-faire approach to storing, making and serving coffee and we do not want a coffee lover’s experience of Baristador to be tarnished by sloppy barista habits.

The rejection of sales to cafes is borne of the same passion that saw the company ban sales to people planning to use Baristador Coffee in dripolators.

Baristador is about the ‘spirit of espresso’ and that means coffee roasters, blenders, marketers and consumers all need to share the same focus; of seeking that perfect cup of coffee for which the benchmark is flavour first, caffeine second.