baristador-tintinara-hotp Photo Steve DavisAfter months of planning and discussion with the people running the Heart Of The Parks craft and produce shop in Tintinara (home town of my wife and co-director), I can now announce that two special blends of Baristador are available there exclusively.

You can buy two blends:

  • Heart Of The Parks STRONG blend
  • Heart Of The Parks MILD blend

And just because Heart Of The Parks doesn’t have an espresso machine and only sells beans or ground, don’t think you need to miss out, as this photo shows.

The secret to great coffee in Tintinara

I realise what I’m about to share does require a certain level of planning and fussiness, so if that is you when it comes to coffee, read on.

Whenever I travel through country South Australia, I always pack these vital items:

  • Baristador coffee
  • Gas burner
  • Spare gas cylinder
  • Water
  • Stovetop espresso maker
  • Travel mug
  • Spoon for tamping coffee on the road
  • Teatowel

That list looks huge but all sits in a small wooden box in my boot.

It lets me enjoy good espresso on the road – follow that link to watch my video on the topic.

In the case of Tintinara, right out the front of Heart Of The Parks is a park area with public toilets and some sturdy, stonemade picnic benches just perfect for whipping up a good, strong coffee.

And now, if I run out of coffee on the road, I know I’ll be able to duck inside the produce store and grab some.

Tintinara tips

Firstly, Wendy from Heart Of The Parks tells me that when the first bags hit the shelf Sunday, one sold within minutes, so it might even be worth calling ahead and getting one held if you are travelling by; (08) 8757 2220.

And secondly, that location is great for a stretch of the legs. You have the craft and produce store right there and the supermarket across the road if you need other supplies.