seth-godin-your-turnWhen we move past the bravado of coffee being all about caffeine.

When we evolve to the stage of seeking out and enjoying the flavour of coffee oils espressed through water forming a shot of espresso of just the right body, flavour and richness.

When we can recline, pause and savour this most simple, most natural, most complex of drinks.

Then we have arrived at what Baristador Coffee stands for.

Out of the mouths of international marketing writers

While listening to one of my favourite podcasts this week, Marketing Over Coffee, I heard an interview with one of my favourite marketing writers, Seth Godin.

He shared that his latest obsession is perfecting the perfect espresso; something he is doing for the enjoyment of the friends.

When asked, don’t you drink them yourself, he answered:

I love caffeine but caffeine doesn’t love me.

And this is the understanding of the reason we have Baristador Coffee; coffee for espresso aficionados who appreciate flavour first and ‘that caffeine buzz’ either second or not at all.

If this article makes sense to you, come and browse our range of coffee and choose the caffeine strength right for you.