Labelling Baristador Coffee bags - family business at workOne of the delights of running Baristador Coffee as a family business is that there are a few times through the year in which everyone stops what they’re doing to help get a job done.

Last weekend, it was “all hands on deck” to label some new bags ahead of our next group coffee roasting.

To me, it is important my girls see all the generations working together so they learn about paying attention to detail, asking for help when needed and understanding that “work” is a normal, important and fulfilling part of life.

It also allows them to express themselves in different ways such as:

  • Showing their grandparents how competent they are
  • Setting goals and striving to achieve them
  • Injecting their ideas and actions into the process

This last point has been borne out in a couple of ways.

My youngest girl enjoys setting and following rules and she was able to apply her “management instinct” to the process, which was a joy to watch.

My eldest girl not only did her work diligently, she also asked if she could put some of “her” stickers on the coffee bags, so I happily said yes.

If you order coffee and find a fairy sticker or something similar on your bag, please let us know. She would love to hear about where you are from and what you thought of her sticker. It would be “awesome” if you were able to send a photo of your coffee bag with sticker to share with her and possibly share on this site and Facebook.

Coffee is a serious passion but always has room for some fun.