A note from Espresso Evangelist, Steve Davis


Steve Davis sampling Fairtrade coffee beans

Welcome, friend.

You and I share a special bond – a love for good, rich, pure coffee.

Think about how annoyed you get every time a cafe serves you substandard coffee. Think about how flabbergasted you are by the gall of supermarkets and “gourmet” shops as they peddle stale, disappointing “coffee” deceptively presented in an array of shiny, pretty, colourful packs.

If your blood pressure rose a few notches while thinking about these things, then you really are in the right place because Baristador Coffee was created to right those wrongs and create a safe sanctuary for my fellow coffee aficionados like you.

As you click through this site you will find:

As we get to know each other better, I look forward to sharing stories and links and photos that capture our mutual passion for that most perfect of drinks – the single shot of espresso!

Yours in the spirit of espresso

Steve Davis
Founder / Espresso Evangelist
[email protected]