How to order your Baristador coffee

Baristador Coffee roasts fresh 6 times a year

Steve Davis amid Baristador coffee beans – no peeping at the mystery blend please!

At Baristador Coffee we do things differently because we are a SERVICE for espresso lovers, not a coffee exploitation enterprise! We roast six times a year – every second month. You simply order eight weeks worth of coffee at a time.

ALL orders placed on this site will be packed and sent in the week following our next roasting. See above for the deadline for getting your order in this batch.

Because of this innovative and transparent approach to roasting and ordering, we have NO WASTE, which means we can pass on the lowest price possible for the beans you expect from a service run by espresso aficionados.


How to order your Baristador coffee

You are very close now to having some Baristador Coffee sent on its way to you. Here in the ordering section of our site you have three simple things to consider.


Firstly, decide what percentage of caffeine you want in your coffee?

  • Our B70 Benchmark Blend is by far the most popular style with 70 per cent of the normal dose of caffeine in an espresso blend (in other words, 30 per cent less than usual – you won’t even miss it).
  • Our B30 Benchmark Blend has just 30 per cent the caffeine found in espresso blends (in other words, 70 per cent less than usual).
  • Our B01 Benchmark Blend has just 1 per cent the caffeine found in espresso blends making it our very own “decaf” (there is a trace of caffeine because the Swiss Water Method is not aggressive like the chemical method other producers sometimes use to decaffeinate coffee – you can drink ours with confidence).


Secondly, what grind do I need?

  • Whole Beans – perfect if you are grinding your own beans at home or in a cafe/restaurant.
  • Plunger – perfect for plungers but NOT espresso machines. NOTE: As of October 10, 2010, sales of Baristador Coffee to people using dripolators have been banned.
  • Espresso – perfect for home-style espresso machines, stove top espressos (macchinetta), Handpresso and other portable coffee devices, and can ALSO be used in plungers if you run out of plunger grind.


Finally, decide how many bags you need?

Remember, buy FIVE packs or more at a time and you’ll get free shipping within Australia.

And refer to the countdown clock on this page. Your order will be packed and shipped in the week after this countdown clock reaches zero.

FYI we roast in the first weeks of February, April, June, August, October, December (the EVEN months of the year).

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