Do you NEED that coffee (Photo lumaxart via Flickr)Caught myself wandering to the coffee machine out of habit just then.

My inner voice was saying, ‘might as well have another coffee while I’m here’.

I would like to say that is all WRONG.

So I stopped and will go back a little later if I have a more pure motivation.

Here is why I believe this is important for coffee drinkers.

We don’t NEED coffee

As much as I love coffee and truly enjoy beautiful beans in a shot beautifully made, the truth is, coffee is not crucial to my health.

I can understand saying, ‘might as well grab a drink of water while I’m here’, but that doesn’t work for coffee.

This is because everything about Baristador’s coffee philosophy is that less is more, taste before caffeine, and quality should be our guide.

From a Baristadorian perspective, guzzling coffee the way that many people guzzle instant coffee, coke, beer, cheap wine, cakes, biscuits, chips, etc, simply cheapens and insults the majesty and intricate nature of the humble coffee bean itself.

I believe this king of all beverages needs to be shown the utmost respect- for the workers who cultivate it, those who prepare the beans, and those who make our cups of coffee, let alone the natural bounty that this brown beverage represents.

On top of that, our bodies should be respected too. By all means, we should enjoy the flavour of coffee when we are seeking that small pleasure, but I think it is out of control when we start drinking mechanically.

Do you see why my attitude was worth correcting?