coffee-after-rinsingI have a confession to make.

I am not a coffee nerd so I have no thermometer or timer or host of other gadgets for my home coffee making.

I have a simple, Saeco machine and it does a good job with my pre-ground Baristador beans.

But, today, I stumbled upon the rinse cycle and my world has changed.

Rinsing and rinse cycle are two different things

I’m embarrassed to admit I hadn’t played with my coffee maker much before and partly I blame Saeco!

My machine does a rinse whenever it wakes up into active mode so my mind assumed that was keeping the internal workings clean enough.

However, for some random reason this morning I cycled through the different settings and hit Rinsing Cycle.

I expected a quick little flush to happen but instead the machine spent about 5 minutes warming, flushing water, warming flushing water and emptying the water tank.

TIP: If you do this, make sure you have a large bowl or a couple of cups handy so you can catch the excess water because this extended cycle WILL make your drip tray overflow.

And then I made a coffee …


I then scooped in my Baristador B70, set the machine to pour a shot of espresso and could not believe my eyes.

The espresso dripped out from the machine thicker than ever before, more golden brown and the flavour was fully awesome!

I am writing this just minutes after having this conversion experience.

I will never let friends with coffee machines go without running their rinse cycles at least once a month.

And I pledge that I will add a reminder to all the orders I fill with Baristador Coffee for our upcoming group roast (orders close April 6, 2015).